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A bright smile and white teeth are always everyone’s dream. However, over time, lime deposits on the surface of teeth can take away the natural beauty of the smile and cause oral health problems. Fortunately, Trung Anh Tam Dental Clinic offers professional tooth scaling service, helping you overcome this situation and ensure your teeth stay healthy.

With many years of experience in the dental field, the team of experts at Trung Anh Tam Dental Clinic not only possesses extensive professional knowledge but also applies the most advanced technology to bring you the best experience. . Teeth scaling service at Trung Anh Tam not only simply removes tartar on your teeth, but also helps you restore the beauty of your smile and protect your teeth from potential problems.

When you come to Trung Anh Tam Dental Clinic, you will be welcomed by a luxurious and friendly space. Our dedicated and attentive staff will listen to all your concerns and wishes, thereby recommending the most suitable treatment method. Each step in the tooth scaling process will be performed meticulously and carefully, ensuring your comfort and safety.

What is tooth scaling?

Scaling is a professional process in the dental field to remove calculus and plaque on the tooth surface. Lime plaque is formed from the accumulation of bacteria and minerals from daily food and drinking water. If not removed, limescale can cause problems such as gingivitis, tooth decay, bad breath and tooth decay.

The tooth scaling process is usually performed by dental professionals, using specialized tools such as scaling machines and small, smooth scaling heads. These tools will carefully and effectively remove calculus and plaque, without causing damage to teeth or gums.

Scaling not only helps clean the tooth surface, but also creates a smoother and brighter surface. This process also enhances the effectiveness of brushing and using mouthwash. At the same time, it also plays an important role in maintaining gum health and preventing dental problems.

Scaling is a simple and safe method to keep your teeth clean and healthy. However, performing tooth scaling should be placed in the hands of dental professionals to ensure the process takes place in the most effective and safe way.

Is tooth scaling painful?

Usually, the tooth scaling process is not painful for the patient. Before performing the procedure, the dentist may (or may not need to) use a liquid anesthetic or gel anesthetic to numb the teeth and gums, helping to reduce pain and reduce sensitivity during the scaling process. Besides, advanced technologies in dentistry also help reduce discomfort and pain for patients.

Is tooth scaling painful?

However, in cases of special sensitivity, some people may feel pain or discomfort during the scaling process. In this case, if you feel pain or discomfort, notify your dentist immediately so they can take supportive measures and ensure the process is smooth and painless.

Most importantly, relax and trust your dental professional. They will work with passion and dedication to ensure you have a comfortable and safe experience during the tooth scaling process.

Why should you choose tooth scaling at Trung Anh Tam Dental Clinic?

When choosing a tooth scaling service, Trung Anh Tam Dental Clinic is an ideal and reliable choice. Here are the reasons why you should choose Trung Anh Tam Dental Clinic:

  • High professional quality: Trung Anh Tam Dental Clinic has a team of experienced and highly trained dental experts. They always apply the most advanced methods and technology in tooth scaling, ensuring high accuracy and efficiency.
  • Modern equipment: Trung Anh Tam Dental Clinic possesses modern equipment and technology, meeting international dental standards. This helps the tooth scaling process take place effectively, safely and comfortably for the patient.
  • Luxurious and friendly space: You will be welcomed in a modern, elegant and friendly dental space at Trung Anh Tam Dental Clinic. Our dedicated, attentive and cheerful staff will ensure you feel comfortable and confident throughout your treatment.
  • Consulting and listening to customers: Dentists at Trung Anh Tam Dental Clinic listen and are dedicated to each customer. They will listen to your concerns and wishes and recommend the tooth scaling method that best suits your condition.
  • Great results: Trung Anh Tam Dental Clinic is committed to bringing you great results after the tooth scaling process. You will see brighter whiter teeth, smoother tooth surfaces and a more confident smile.

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